Peach mango Belgian endive salad with mozzarella

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Peach mango Belgian endive salad with mozzarella

   Uncategorized   August 4, 2016  17,662 Comments

This is a nice salad for hot summer days. It is sweet, tart, and the Belgian endive adds some bitterness. I used mozzarella pearls, but any fresh mozzarella will do. You could also substitute crumbled feta cheese.

I made the dressing with banana ketchup and some canola oil. You can make a simple dressing with any neutral oil, a few drops of chili oil or hot sauce, and some rice vinegar. Olive oil would be a little too strong for this salad.

You could substitute one of the peaches or the mango with plums and/or apricots.


Two ripe peaches, pitted and rough diced

One medium sized mango, skinned and rough diced

Two Belgian endive sliced

Thin slices of red onion or shallot

One hard boiled egg per plate (Optional)

Fresh mozzarella cheese cut into bite sized pieces (pearls or bocconcini can be used. Crumbled feta can be substituted)



Mint leaves torn

Dressing- use a neutral oil like vegetable, canola, or grapeseed. Rice, white wine, raspberry vinegar, fresh lemon or orange juice would be fine. Olive oil would impart too strong a flavor.


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