Sous vide pork tenderloin and chicken breast

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Sous vide pork tenderloin and chicken breast

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Sous vide is a method of cooking employing sealed bags placed in a circulating heat bath. Food is cooked longer at precision controlled lower heat. Cooking times vary from one hour to two days, depending on the size and weight.

Sous vide ensures that food is cooked evenly. The inside is properly cooked without overcooking the outside. When cooking meat or poultry, you can sear it quickly after cooking.

There are many good devices for home sous vide cookery. Their websites offer instruction and recipes. I use a Sansaire. Other models are Bluetooth and WiFi capable. Prices range between 150 and 200 dollars.

You can add flavor components to the bags such as marinades, herbs, rubs, or spices. If you vacuum seal, you need to be careful. Use less than normal, as the flavors intensify during the cooking process. Herbs such as tarragon or rosemary will overpower food if too much is used.

For the pork, I marinated it in a sweet chili sauce, soy sauce, five-spice powder, and a small bit of oil.

For the chicken, I used store-bought preserved lemons, a couple of crushed garlic cloves, and a small bit of oil.

The recommended cooking time for my sous vide device was 90 minutes for each at 144 F.

The preferred method of cooking is to vacuum seal the bags. You one of the sealing machines for this. You can use zip-type bags. Place them in the cooker, the water pressure will let the air out, then seal.

Let the food come to room temperature before placing in the bath. Bring the water up to temperature before inserting food.

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