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Join the resistance eat well

   Uncategorized   February 11, 2017  Comments Off on Join the resistance eat well

Americans are busy people. We run from here to there and there to here. Somewhere in between, we get to work, socialize, get the kids to their after school or weekend activities, shop till we drop, all filling our days with activities.

When we finally get home, we sleep just enough to start all over again. It is a seven day a week treadmill for many.

This busy life people lead makes them eat franchise fast food, fake Mexican food claiming to be healthy, phony Italian from some Gardensomethingorother or other bad food choices.

Carryout or delivery of cardboard pizza is another choice.

Of course, there are the frozen meals you can nuke in minutes. If it wasn’t for salt, they would taste like newspaper.

Resist. Fight. Eat well. There is no need to go through drive through, risk food poisoning, eat fake ethnic food, or any other garbage.

There are good and even great independently owned fast food restaurants. They serve good food. Real food. Tasty food. Food made with love and passion. Many times it is the same price as the franchises or chains. Sometimes it is cheaper or you get more food for the money.

Why spend your hard earned money on mung and dreck?

I do advocate cooking at home as much as possible. This puts you in control of what you eat. I also realize that sometimes, due to busy schedules or late nights at work, it can be challenging.

Do some research. Look around where you live or on your route home. Find independently owned places. They are there. Patronize them. It is a far better option than the franchises or chains.

It is a strange and funny thing when people lament the closing of a popular diner or ethnic restaurant. A popular pizza joint, hot dog , or beef stand.

Aside from retirement, the reason these places close is people stop patronizing them. It is far to easy and convenient to go through the drive through or order in from some franchise outfit.

Look around your neighborhood. How many franchise restaurants are there. How many chain restaurants? How few independents?

Join the resistance. Fight back. Be persistent. Liberate yourself from bad fast food, carry out, or delivery food choices. Eat well. You will be happier. You will also keep a good or great restaurant in business.

I have never heard of anyone lamenting the closure of a franchise or chain mung and dreck joint.



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