If you hate immigrants starve to death

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If you hate immigrants starve to death

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On Sunday, I had Bloody Mary’s and brunch in a bar owned by a Polish architect. The bartender/waitress was Polish.

Later, I wandered through a mega-grocery store and food court owned by Filipino’s.

While driving home down one of the city’s main thoroughfares, I saw businesses and restaurants owned by people from all over the world. It is a good bet the owners, cooks and other staff are immigrants.

When you go out to eat, do you ever ask, who is cooking your food? Washing the dishes? Bussing the tables? Or who even owns the place?

It is a good bet they are immigrants. Some here legally, some not.

When you eat a salad or shop for produce, who do you think picked the fruits and veggies? Immigrants. There is a good chance immigrants also butchered, processed, and packed the meat, fish, or poultry you eat.

Food writers celebrate the opening of the first restaurant offering new ethnic cuisine. The first Kurdish restaurant recently opened in Chicago to rave reviews. Two Kurdish immigrants own it.

Immigration is a hot-button issue. Flaming rhetoric is white hot from all sides. There have been incidents of verbal abuse and violence against immigrants. All of this is unfortunate. All of this political nonsense could have and should have been avoided.

Let’s get something straight right now. There is no such thing as American food. American food is the original fusion cuisine. This country was settled by people who came from someplace else.

There is no such thing as a real American either. All of us can trace our ancestry back to someplace else. The so-called East Coast WASP blue blood’s ancestry goes back to England. Southerners are from Scots-Irish-English stock. There are parts of the country where people’s ancestry is French, Spanish, German, and other European countries.

If you want to blame people for the immigration issue, point one finger at Washington and one finger at yourself.

The last full immigration law and policy was passed in 1965. Since then, immigration policy has been a patchwork quilt of implementation and enforcement dependent on the need for cheap back breaking labor. Labor Americans refuse to do. Since you voted for the politicians, and worse keep reelecting some, you are to blame too.

Unless you want to send your children to the fields, packing plants, or kitchens, stop complaining about immigration. Instead of raising whining activists, raise farm workers, meat packers, line cooks, bus boys, stock boys, and food processors. Maybe shipping the urban and country poor to the agricultural centers and processing plants would suit you.

If you are so concerned about immigrants stealing American jobs or to create some false sense of security and safety, then do the jobs immigrants do. Otherwise, you are just a hypocrite like the politicians from both the Un-American political parties you elect.

America needs a fresh approach to immigration. One that is fair, balanced, and suits the needs of the nation. Operating off of an over fifty-year-old patchwork quilt of regulations and enforcement is beyond silly. We need legislation, clearly drafted legislation. We need enforceable regulations. We need a publicity campaign to let the world know our rules. Then, and only then, should we execute the policy.

America is a nation of immigrants. Our cuisine is a fusion of cuisines from all over the world. If you hate immigrants, stop buying groceries, stop eating, and starve to death.

You will do the rest of us a favor.


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