Broken English Taco Pub speaks my language

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Broken English Taco Pub speaks my language

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One thing missing downtown for decades was a good, standalone, Mexican restaurant. Broken English Taco Pub on Lake Street, between Wabash and Michigan Avenues, brings Mexican food to the Loop.

Unlike Chicago’s traditional Mexican restaurants, the menu is limited to what they do well.

Looking at other diners, the tacos looked great. Orders of tacos range between 7 and 8 dollars, two tacos per order. There are also taco trays, 6 tacos for $20, 12 for $38.

We decided on the burritos, chicken al pastor, and pork belly al pastor. The typical side of salad, rice and beans would have been overkill. These were just enough for hungry people. They were delicious.

We sat outside on the sidewalk cafe. Service was very efficient for the lunch hour.

Chips and salsa are four bucks, but well worth the price.

Oh, for you whining, needy, complainers on Yelp, the bathroom wall of the Internet, you will pay for chips and salsa. They are well worth the four bucks.

If you freeloaders are looking for freebies, this is not the place for you. For normal people, who love good Mexican food and are willing to pay for it, Broken English is the place to go in the Loop.

Since opening, Broken English has received great reviews. The restaurant is a collaboration between Chicago restaurant veteran Phil Stefani and chef, Adolfo Garcia.

Broken English Taco Pub

75 E. Lake St.


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