Kook’s Burritos closed due to social justice Gestapo

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Kook’s Burritos closed due to social justice Gestapo

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Kali Wilgus and Liz “LC” Connelly went on a road trip to Mexico. They were astounded by the food, especially the tortillas. The two young women decided to get recipes for the tortillas.

From their recollections, they used their limited Spanish to pick the brains of women making tortillas and peeked through kitchen windows to learn the secrets.

When they returned to their homes in Portland, Oregon, they decided to go into the food business. They experimented. Through trial and error, they replicated the tortilla recipes they so loved.

They opened a weekend pop-up food cart called Kook’s Burritos. Their burritos were a hit with the locals.

They were interviewed by Willamette Week, a local publication. Afterward, all hell broke loose. The social media lynch mobs, and social justice Gestapo accused them of cultural appropriation, whatever that is, and racism.

Yelp, one of the bathroom walls of the internet for perpetually offended whiners, came alive with accusations of racism and cultural appropriation. So did Twitter, another bathroom wall site for the whiny perpetually offended.

An independent news outlet, the Portland Mercury, accused the women of cultural appropriation and threw in the race card for good measure.

The young women are being accused of profiting from cooking authentic Mexican food as if that is some heinous crime.

The accusations of appropriation, racism, bad publicity, and social media lynch mobs forced the two women to shut down their operation and scrub their social media sites of any mention of it.

If these two young women are racist and cultural appropriators, then what is Rick Bayless, the famous white bread Mexican cuisine chef, and James Beard Awardee?

What about the junk food outlets, Taco Bell and Chipotle? Neither are owned by Mexicans, and few real Mexicans eat their mung and dreck. Are they racist appropriators?

What is Auguste Escoffier, who listed recipes for various cuisines like Spanish, Russian, Asian, Italian, and other cuisines in his cookbooks?

What is Larousse Gastronimique, one of the bibles of cuisine, which lists cuisines, ingredients, methods, techniques, and recipes from all over the world for chefs and serious cooks to utilize?

How about Julia Child, a red-blooded American woman, who taught people to cook French cuisine?

Chicago deep dish pizza was developed by a Jewish man who served in the Army in Italy during World War II. Did he culturally appropriate Neopolitan tomato bread? Should Uno and Due restaurants be shut down because a Jewish person opened them?

Some of the best diners serving various cuisines were or are owned by Greeks. Are the Greeks guilty of profiting off of appropriation? Are they racist?

Tamales are very popular in some African American communities in the deep South and have been for over a century. They are made and sold by African Americans mostly to African Americans. Is this racism and cultural appropriation?

The so-called French technique and methods are used in most fine dining establishments and taught in culinary schools throughout the world. Are the chefs from all races culturally appropriating the French? Should only French chefs use French methods and techniques?

Molecular gastronomy developed through the use of laboratory science. Should scientists have exclusivity to profit off that branch of cookery?

Culinary students are encouraged to travel the world to learn how to cook international cuisines. Should this cease because of the fake ideology of cultural appropriation and phony racism?

Chefs all over the world are experimenting with fusion cuisines, blending the flavors, ingredients, methods, and techniques of various cultures into a unified menu. They are not culturally appropriating. They are not racist. They are cooks. Good to great cooks trying to provide tasty food for a hungry clientele and make a buck or two.

How is celebrating the cuisines of other cultures racist? Where is it written that only Mexicans can profit from cooking authentic cuisine? Or any other ethnic or racial group has an exclusive right to profit from their cuisine?

It is ironic and the height of hypocrisy for the social justice Gestapo to cry racism while touting racial and ethnic purity. They are worse than white supremacists, Nazis, Anti-Semites, and the KKK.

These Gestapo storm troopers must be ignored. They are ignorant and uneducated. The only thing you will learn from them is how to hate.

Just because people decide to cook foods from another culture that is authentic and earn profits doing so does not make them evil or racist. It makes them good cooks.

What the social justice warrior Gestapo storm troopers do not realize is food travels. There is no one, unified ethnic or racial cuisine.

If the storm troopers read history, they would learn that food has been globalized for centuries. They would learn that most cuisines came from traveling. People eating in foreign lands and learning how to replicate dishes or use ingredients to fuse them into their own cuisine.

There is a reason Chicken Tika Masala is the unofficial national dish of Britain. It tastes damn good. It has nothing to do with cultural appropriation, colonialization, or racism.

The Portland Mercury, Yelp, social justice Gestapo warriors, and their supremacist lynch mob followers should slither back under the racist racial purity rock they oozed out from.

Ignore these small minded people, their lies, and the rage and hatred they spawn.

Go out and eat. What do you care who makes the food, how the recipes were obtained or how financially successful they are?

If a Samoan opens a restaurant serving authentic cuisine derived or even stolen from Tlingits, I will be the first in line. So should you.

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