Turkey for two two ways

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Turkey for two two ways

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Sometimes Thanksgiving is just for two. A couple who for whatever reason are cooking for themselves. Empty nesters. Newlyweds. Whoever and whatever the reason, some will be celebrating Thanksgiving as a twosome.

They do not want to do the whole turkey and groaning table feast thing. They do not want to go out or order their feast. They want to cook turkey with some trimmings. Dinner for two.

Here are two ways to solve that problem. Pan roasted turkey thighs and a stuffed rolled turkey thigh. The thighs, along with drumsticks, are the most flavorful parts of the bird.

Both recipes call for boned out turkey thighs. There is a video at the end on how to bone out a turkey thigh. You could also have the butcher do it for you.

Serve with your favorite dressing, sides, vegetables, or potatoes.

Pan roasted turkey thigh


One boneless turkey thigh cut in two

Kosher salt and fresh ground black pepper

Minced parsley, sage, rosemary

Your favorite dressing and sides

Gravy (optional)

Pan roasted boneless turkey thigh atop vegetables.


Preheat oven to 400 (F)

Pat thighs dry.

In a heavy bottomed or cast iron pan, heat a neutral oil on high until it shimmers. (Canola or vegetable).

Liberally season the thighs with salt and pepper.

Place thighs in pan, skin side down in the pan for two minutes.

Lower heat to medium-high and cook until most of the fat is rendered and the skin is brown- 7-10 minutes.

Transfer skillet to oven and cook skin side down about 5-10 minutes. Check for deeper browning after five minutes. Do not burn the skin.

Flip the thighs and cook until skin is crisp and the internal temperature is 165. 5-7 minutes.

Let rest 15 minutes before serving.

Serve, topped with the fresh herbs and your favorite dressing and/or side dishes.

Stuffed rolled turkey thigh


One whole boned out turkey thigh- 1.25-1.50 lbs.

Your favorite cooked dressing at room temperature

Kosher salt and fresh ground black pepper

Fresh sage leaves chopped (Optional)


Preheat oven to 400 (F)

Lay the thigh on a piece of plastic film. Cover with a second piece.

Pound the turkey thigh lightly, with outward motions to thin and stretch it. Note: You can skip this step. Just stuff the thigh and fold in half. Then start cooking. Cooking times may be longer.

Season the inside liberally with salt and pepper.

Spread dressing, leaving some space around the edges.

Roll the thigh and tie it at intervals.

In a hot skillet, add some oil, and brown on all sides.

Transfer to oven and roast about 25 minutes. Check for doneness- internal temperature of 165.

Let rest 15 minutes before serving.

Garnish with sage and serve with your favorite dressing or sides.

How to bone out a turkey thigh:

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