The perfect chocolate cake recipe

   Uncategorized   December 7, 2016  182 Comments

My mother was a fabulous baker. There is one thing she made that brings back fond memories. Here chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. Both the cake and frosting were incredible. Over the years, she adapted the cake recipe. Making it a sheet cake, using other ingredients to keep it moist,…

Turkey thighs are a great alternative to the whole bird

   Uncategorized   November 30, 2016  189 Comments

While shopping for Thanksgiving, I came across some large fresh turkey thighs. They were in the 2.5-3.5 pound range. I bought two because an idea was forming. I popped them in the freezer. Turkey thighs, like drumsticks, are more flavorful than breast meat. As with chicken thighs, they also make…

Baked ricotta is simple

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I was watching a food show about Sicily. They panned a table of cheeses, describing them. One was baked ricotta. I looked up the recipe. I realized the basic recipe is the same one my mother used to make filling lasagna and stuffed shells. The basic recipe is just a few…

Thanksgiving turkey tips and clues

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Americans consume 5 billion pounds of turkey each year. On average, Americans eat 16 pounds of turkey yearly. The majority of this turkey is consumed over the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. Most people buy frozen turkeys. Too many fail to properly thaw the birds. This leads to undercooked turkey, overcooked…

Bacon jam for the holidays

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Since I discovered bacon jam, making it is a yearly holiday ritual.  It is a sweet, salty, and savory spread for crackers, chips, or bread? Bacon is one of God’s great foods. I leave bacon and Bourbon for Santa instead of cookies and hot cocoa. Guess who gets all the great gifts?…

Thanksgiving side dishes

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Side dishes are just as important on Thanksgiving as the big bird. Dressing, vegetables, potatoes, and even the ubiquitous green bean casserole with those crunchy canned onion rings. Side dishes should not be a challenge. Many can be prepped a day or two ahead of time. On the big day…

True Food Kitchen is no lie

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I received an invitation to a complimentary meal for two at True Food Kitchen through an organization I am affiliated with. The restaurant sent out invitations to businesses and organizations in the Near North area. Aside from getting people in the area to recommend the restaurant, it was also a…

Grab the breath mints for pasta aglio e olio with sardis

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Pasta aglio e olio is one of the simplest and fastest dishes to make. The longest time involved is boiling the water for the pasta. Oil, garlic, salt, pepper, cheese and pasta. Add sardines and you have a deeply flavored dish. You can garnish with rough chopped parsley or basil…

Avoid the pitfalls of holiday horror and turkey terror

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It is that time of year. The holiday and entertaining season us upon us. Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, and Superbowl. It is the time of feasting and fear. Turkey terror and holiday horror are looming like predatory pterodactyls. Family cooks are fretting, curled in fetal positions. Fear grips their bowels….

Ben’s Beginners a cooking site for kids

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I hate those ads that pop up under your open page. You do not realize they are there until the sound starts. Annoyed, I went to close one out. It was for some battle game. But, there was an ad within the ad. It was for Ben’s Beginners, a cooking site…